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Insurance Types and Considerations

Bi-County Insurance & Western Illinois Title can help you with auto insurance in Galesburg or Monmouth IL. Auto insurance is about coverage and cost. If you want the best coverage at the lowest cost then you should consult with local and independent agencies such as Bi-County Insurance. They can scan several plans and options from different carriers and finds the best auto insurance policy for you.

Auto insurance coverages span different categories. The main ones are liability cover, collision cover, medical cover and comprehensive cover. If this liability insurance is compulsory.

Liability insurance is a type of 3rd part insurance that covers you for damages or injuries to others that result from your driving. Liability suits can be substantial so it is not something you want to be without. You could also find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you get caught driving without liability insurance. If that happens you could be ordered to obtain SR 44 compliance certification. When that happens auto insurance becomes more expensive and more difficult to obtain.

The other important part of auto insurance is collision cover. That covers you for damages to your own vehicle sustained in a road accident or a collision. You can be the best and safest driver in the world, but you still cannot control reckless or negligent driving of others.

Road accidents are a real risk and collision insurance can help get your vehicle back on the road after an accident. Medical cover in the form of a personal injury protection plan or similar can help cover massive medical bills should you be injured in a road accident.

You may also want to consider some form of comprehensive insurance that will cover you for damages related to events such as storms, auto theft, and other malicious acts.