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Farm Insurance in Biggsville, Galesburg, Monmouth, Oquawka, Stronghurst, IL, Burlington, IA, and Surrounding Areas

At Bi-Country Insurance we understand that your farm is not only your business, but it’s also your home.

With that in mind, basic forms of commercial insurance, as well as homeowners insurance, don’t provide the coverage you need as an agricultural professional. The only form of insurance that provides an ideal blend of coverage for farmers operating from home is farm insurance.

When it comes to farm insurance there are a few important areas that require supreme coverage, including:

  • Farm Buildings
  • Dwellings
  • Stored Grain
  • Farm Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Crops

Farm Insurance in BiggsvilleFarm Insurance – Building Coverage.

Similar to homes, farm buildings also require a certain level of coverage that protects them from outside elements that can harm the integrity of farm buildings, such as natural disasters, theft, and damages. Another form of farm insurance coverage includes farm liability coverage that protects farmers in the event of an accident or injury that occurs on farm property.

Farm Insurance in GalesburgDwelling Coverage

Not only are farms a place of business, but oftentimes they are the dwelling place of farmers and their family members. Just like any other home, houses on your farm’s property require a form of expanded homeowners insurance coverage mixed with commercial insurance.

Unlike typical home insurance, most increased farm insurance coverage plans include protection from farm equipment and property damage caused by heavy equipment, livestock or employees.

Farm Insurance in MonmouthStored Grain Coverage

For farmers that rely on grain as one of their main sources of income, losing grain can be extremely detrimental to business. At Bi-County Insurance, we offer farm insurance that protects not only the storage unit for your grains, but also the contents of that storage.

Farm Equipment Coverage

Your heavy machinery is what keeps your business going. However, damage to farm equipment can cause your business to come to a halt, which wastes time and can even lose you money. From external damages to leasing farm equipment and general liability, we’ve got you covered.

Livestock Coverage

If livestock serves as your livelihood, you need a farm insurance policy that insures the various risks that your livestock faces. From theft to natural disasters and more, basic to comprehensive forms of livestock protection may be required to keep your livestock safe from harm.

Crop Coverage

In addition to the other varied forms of farm insurance protection, we offer crop insurance protection that includes federal multi-peril crop insurance. In addition to crop-hail and wind coverage, our new combo policy not only provides revenue but yields protection.

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