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Auto Insurance in Burlington, IA, Stronghurst, IL, Galesburg, Monmouth, and Surrounding Areas

Your auto insurance policy should offer you the entire coverage you require no matter where you go, from your everyday commute to vacations with loved ones. Bi Country Insurance & Western Illinois Title offers a wide range of auto insurance plans and policies, and we work hard to provide you with auto insurance options no matter where your vehicle takes you. Our knowledgeable team of agents has years of expertise in finding the right vehicle insurance coverage at the right price for residents in Burlington, IA, Stronghurst, IL, Galesburg, Oquawka, IL, Monmouth, IL, and Biggsville.

Liability for bodily injuryMan inside of a black car with auto insurance in Galesburg

Bodily injury liability insurance covers injuries caused by you, the designated driver or policyholder, to others. It is suggested that policyholders purchase greater liability insurance than the state-mandated minimum, to safeguard assets such as your home and money.

Medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) Compensates for the treatment of injuries sustained by the policyholder’s car’s driver and passengers.

PIP, in its broadest sense, can cover medical bills, missed wages, and the expense of replacing services that someone disabled in an auto accident would ordinarily provide. It may also pay the costs of a funeral.

Liability for property damage

This coverage covers damage to someone else’s property that you (or someone driving the automobile with your permission) may cause like damage to light posts, telephone poles, fences, buildings, or other objects that your vehicle collided with.


Collision coverage covers damage to your car caused by a collision with another vehicle, an object (such as a tree or telephone pole), or a flip.


This coverage compensates you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to something other than a collision with another vehicle or item. Fire, falling items, missiles, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, hail, floods, vandalism, riots, or contact with animals such as birds or deer are all covered under comprehensive coverage.

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