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Understand the differences in the types of insurance available to you in Galesburg, IL: Important Facts about Auto Insurance

Important Facts About Auto Insurance

The financial implications related to driving without any proper auto coverage will be devastating. In short auto insurance is something that no car owner should underestimate. Considering its significance we at Bi-County Insurance & Western Illinois Title offer a wide range of auto insurance plans that will protect you against the financial liabilities which come with road accidents. Besides, it will offer protection for your car against damages that take place during an accident. We offer personalized coverage as well to cater your financial situation at its best. The areas that we serve include Biggsville, IL, Monmouth, IL and Galesburg IL.

What do we offer? At Bi-County Insurance & Western Illinois Title we offer the following car insurance plans namely,

    • Personal car insurance coverage- this plan can be made to fit perfectly for your family or individual needs. This policy will protect your car during an accident and this will also include liability charges or medical expenses. There are different coverage choices accessible with regards to car insurance. Of these some popular ones include,
      • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
      • Collision
      • Comprehensive coverage
      • Bodily injury liability
      • Property damage liability
      • Medical payments
  • Commercial car insurance- In fact your commercial car and your employees who drive it need protection. Be it for promotions or local delivery trips, any moment an accident can take place. The best way to prevent losing revenue on account of an accident, it is best to be insured. During property or car damage, legal costs and bodily injury this policy will keep you as well as your business coveredNo matter you need a commercial or personal coverage, we will have you covered. Such insurance is a crucial financial decision that will help you stay protected against significant financial losses. We cannot predict about accidents, but can at least be prepared. Hurry¬†and make the most of our insurance plans today. To know more call us today.