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Biggsville Auto Insurance Options and Availablity in Monmouth and Galesburg, IL

Auto Insurance Components and Options

Bi-County Insurance can help you with the best value auto insurance in Biggsville, Galesburg or Monmouth IL. As independent agents, they can search several carriers for the best price and the best coverage. That is what best value insurance is all about.

As a vehicle owner and driver, you face several risks. One of the biggest risks is that of being sued by a 3rd party. Should you be involved in an accident that results in injury to others you could be sued for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. What would you do if you were sued for a million dollars?  Well if you have the right auto insurance you will be just fine.

Liability insurance is a key component of auto or car insurance. In fact, some amount of liability insurance is required by law. It is part of your civic duty to others that you be able to compensate others for injury or damages resulting from your bad driving. Now when you consider that you will likely spend less than $200 per year on an umbrella policy, it becomes a no-brainer.

Another important component of auto insurance is collision coverage. The risk of a road accident is real, and your vehicle could be badly damaged or even totaled. That will leave you without wheels if you don’t have the right coverage. Collision insurance will pay for the repairs or replacement of your vehicle in the event of a collision or road accident.

Another real risk is an accident involving an uninsured driver. Should an unrinsed driver cause an accident, you will want to recover from that person. But if that person does not have insurance or is underinsured, you will have difficulty, unless you have uninsured driver insurance.