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For Farm Insurance, Car insurance and Auto insurance in and around the Monmouth, Galesburg and Biggsville, IL, Know What to Expect

Auto Insurance Coverages and Costs

Bi-County Insurance & Western Illinois Title offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and solutions to residents and businesses of Galesburg and Monmouth IL. Insurance is primarily about risk management and loss control. Insurance is not about gain but rather about not losing everything. It is a broad and complicated field and it is a good idea to get professional assistance from a competent agent or broker when in deciding the mix of insurance policies that will fit your risk profile.

There are two broad categories of insurance, namely commercial insurance, and personal insurance. Commercial insurance can be in the form of a BOP (Business Owners Policy) and some add-ons or it can be a custom-tailored solution to match your type of business and the industry you operate in. In general business insurance covers property, equipment, furniture, machines, vehicles, liabilities, staff and loss of income.

There are additional options such as professional indemnity, errors, and omissions, director’s liability as well as specialty insurance solutions for specific industries. When it comes to personal insurance it depends on the assets you own. Important types of personal insurance include homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and liability cover.

Other personal insurance options include content insurance for renters, life insurance, disability cover and specialty cover for high-value items such as jewelry, collections, fine art, vintage vehicles and so on.

Whatever mic and match of insurance policies you have, it is important to understand what you are covered for, what exclusions are in place, what the value of your coverage and what the limits are. Insurance is complex and policies are worded in legal tones and jargon, so it makes sense to get professional help and assistance with your insurance coverage.